I practice a unique style of acupuncture.

My patients benefit from integrative, evidence-informed medicine influenced by orthopedics and neurology and rooted in the Five Phases.

I grew up in a family of doctors and I’m not one to toss out the wisdom of my elders. That means I go to doctors, get vaxxed, and take prescriptions and OTC meds when I need to. But I like feeling good, and I don’t like wasting energy visiting a million specialists, ingesting a rainbow of different meds, and lying up with aches and pains.

I founded Crofts Acupuncture & Herbs as an antidote to the dizzying, inconsistent recommendations of American healthcare and the trends in the wellness industry.

Many of my patients have pain, chronic disease, emotional difficulties, and fertility issues. But I have just as many athletes, artists, powerhouses, and curious students-of-life who see me to maintain their health and fitness while getting their minds blown as they drift into what I call the acu-stoned-liminal-trance that you only get with an acupuncture treatment.


Dr. Jessica Crofts (she/her) has honed her skills in treating a wide range of conditions through years of clinical experience. As a result, she’s an expert in treating acute and chronic pain, infertility, chronic illness, and psychological issues. Furthermore, she has completed advanced post-graduate training in the US and China in sports medicine, oncology, reproductive health, pediatrics, dermatology, and herbal medicine.

Dr. Crofts’ holistic perspective originates in the hands-on skills she learned at Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, CO. In addition, she advanced her education in integrative, evidence-informed medicine at Pacific College of Health & Science in NYC. Her background in Japanese Kototama Inochi Medicine and Five Element Acupuncture guide her in understanding her patients as more than just a set of symptoms, but rather as a distinctive person. Above all, Dr. Crofts tailors every session to each individual patient.

Dr. Crofts continued her training in integrative medicine during a fellowship at Heilongjiang Teaching Hospital in Harbin, China. During that time, while working with doctors of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, Dr. Crofts saw firsthand the power of an integrative approach. 

For example, patients from China and Mongolia received conventional treatments like surgery and pharmaceuticals in tandem with acupuncture and Chinese herbs, which resulted in better outcomes and shorter hospital stays.
She is board certified as a Diplomate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, which is the most advanced certification available in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. Dr. Crofts owns and operates Katzimo Greenhouse * Studio, a non-profit conservancy for endangered plants and maker space for artists, seekers, jocks, students, and gear heads to learn and integrate the Five Elements into their lives through workshops in plant cultivation, wood working, and ceramics.

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